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3d plant models

There is no limit anymore in the requirement of realism.

Nouvelle Mesure Lab

New product

Photo or render?

GR08 | NM-Lab System™


ForestPack object with NM-Lab System™

No need to manage tons of scattering objects.

All-in-One Distribution feature included in each NM-Lab System™

1 second

is the time needed to create environment with NM-Lab System™

Save time. Save money.


of time saving in collecting relevant 3D assets on the net.

You won't waste your time searching for 3d resources on tons of websites to get incorect result.

Trusted by the world's best CG Studios/Artists
NM-Lab System™ products look great when rendered, the vegetation is highly realistic. We can apply them perfectly in a great variety of projects. We are very satisfied with the end results!

Brick Visual

NM-Lab System™ is well organised, super easy to use and universally looking great. It can save you a ton of time in a hectic commercial project.

Bartosz Domiczek

We specially like the NM-Lab System™ we bought recently. These ones can speed up the work a lot. We are a big fan!


Pretty f*cking good!

Mike Dugenio

A lot of our work is focused on high-speed image delivery of architectural international competitions. With NM-Lab System™, the creation process is easier & faster.

Metro Cúbico Digital

Simply genius!

Bucharest Studio

CG Studio of the month

No brand Studio

Located in Marbella, the Spanish studio Nobrand recently released a stunning series of villa renders.

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GR07 | NM-Lab System™

We all have a client who says "Can you put some flowers there?"

Sort it out once and for all
We have already applied NM-Lab System™ for various project which are very detailed & photo-realistic.


NM-Lab System™ are extremely organised and easy to use. The scattering and materials are also very great and the result you take is accurate, just like in the previews. The best we've used so far!

Batis Studio

NM-Lab System™ are not only powerful. It's the best way one can use to achieve an amazing result! Its the best series on the market on this field! I have already bought half of the series!

Kostas Tsilivis

We have been using NM-Lab System™ recently, and we love it. The high quality of the final product and the ease of use have fit perfectly into our workflow.

Quatre Caps

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Pine Needles Set - Nouvelle Mesure Lab
Branches Set 01 - Nouvelle Mesure Lab
GR01 | NM-Lab System™GR01 | NM-Lab System™
GR01 | NM-Lab System™ Sale priceFrom €69.99
Pine Cone Set (Free)Pine Cone Set (Free)
Pine Cone Set (Free) Sale price€0.00
Pine Needles Set - Nouvelle Mesure LabPine Needles Set - Nouvelle Mesure Lab
Pine Needles Set Sale price€1.00
Branches Set 01 - Nouvelle Mesure LabBranches Set 01 - Nouvelle Mesure Lab
Branches Set 01 Sale price€10.00
3d realistic grass

GR04 | NM-Lab System™

Would you like to picnic?

Okay, I'll bring the weed
3d vehicule models

Vintage Vezpa

Will you pick me up?

Let me think about it

Hard choice

They look different. They take the same time to apply.

GR03 | NM-Lab System™

GR01 | NM-Lab System™


Visual by Agustín Piña

CG Artist of the month

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Realistic 3d grass

GR06 | NM-Lab System™

GR06 | NM-Lab System™