GR07 | NM-Lab System™

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Formats: (Single Engine) 3dsMax2015 + Corona
Sale price€79.99

Batis Studio

NM-Lab System™ are extremely organised and easy to use. The scattering and materials are also very great and the result you take is accurate, just like in the previews. The best we've used so far.

Bartosz Domiczek

NM-Lab System™ is well organised, super easy to use and universally looking great.It can save you a ton of time in a hectic commercial project.

Brick Visual

NM-Lab System™products look great when rendered, the vegetation is highly realistic.We can apply them perfectly in a great variety of projects. We are very satisfied with the end results!


We specially like the NM-Lab System™ we bought recently. These ones can speed up the work a lot. We are a big fan!

Kostas Tsilivis

NM-Lab System™ are not only powerful. It's the best way one can use to achieve an amazing result! Its the best series on the market on this field! I have already bought half of the series!

Metro Cúbico Digital

A lot of our work is focused on high-speed image delivery of architectural international competitions.
With NM-Lab System™, the creation process is easier & faster.


We have already applied NM-Lab System™ for various project which are very detailed & photo-realistic.

Bucharest Studio

Simply genius!

Mike Dugenio

Pretty f*ucking good!

Nobrand Studio

We already got 3 NM-Lab System™ that we absolutely love using!

Quatre Caps

We have been using NM-Lab System™ recently, and we love it. The high quality of the final product and the ease of use have fit perfectly into our workflow.

Bump Estudio

NM-Lab System™ has become a must in our daily workflow when adding vegetation. It just looks AWESOME and save us a lot of time. 100% recommended!