Terms and Conditions

By accessing the website at www.nouvellemesure-lab.com, you are agreeing to  these terms & conditions. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. 


1. Definition

“Nouvelle Mesure Lab” is an online store of 3D models. 

The terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Nouvelle Mesure Lab

The terms “you”, “your”, “customer(s)” refer to any person or company using Nouvelle Mesure Lab services.

The terms “Content”, “digital product(s)”,  “original product(s)”, “product(s)”, “item(s)” refer to all Nouvelle Mesure Lab products including paid, promotional and free products and all the files that compose these products such as textures or images.

The term “free products” only refers to our product that you can acquire for free.

2. Copyright

All digital products sold in this shop are the property of Nouvelle Mesure Lab and protected by international copyright laws.

Any graphic-content or product-design shown in this shop are the property of Nouvelle Mesure Lab and protected by international copyright laws.

All digital products sold in this shop are the property of Nouvelle Mesure Lab and protected by international copyright laws.


3. Condition of use

Any Nouvelle Mesure Lab Content is the property of Nouvelle Mesure Lab and can be used in your private or commercial projects.

The usage limitations are the following:

– Content cannot be distributed, sold, assigned, transferred or otherwise redistributed in our original format or in any other format.

– Any part of our products cannot be separately distributed, sold, assigned, transferred or otherwise redistributed.

– Any modifications of the original product or derivatives of it cannot be distributed, sold, assigned, transferred, or otherwise redistributed entirely and/ or separately.

– Only people or companies that have an authentic invoice mentioning their own identity generated and issued by Nouvelle Mesure Lab can use our products.

– You cannot lease, lend, sell, transfer, distribute, re-license any Nouvelle Mesure Lab Product. Grouping on e-commerce platforms, reselling for profits, and other acts are prohibited in any name. 

– Furthermore, Content can be used only if one of the following applicable: 

- It was purchased by you only via www.nouvellemesure-lab.com
- It was downloaded (for our free products) by you only via www.nouvellemesure-lab.com

    4. Prices, Taxes & VAT exemption 

    4.1 Pices

    The prices listed on the Nouvelle Mesure Lab online shop do not include statutory sales tax. If applicable, sales taxes will be added during the checkout process.

    4.2 VAT Exemption

    EU business customers (excluding France) may be exempt from VAT. To apply for the exemption, the customer must first create an account on the store and then enter their valid VAT ID on their customer account page at the bottom left. The VAT ID will be saved to the customer's account.

    Please note that the VAT exemption is managed by an external service provider, and we cannot be held responsible for any errors or incorrect operation of this exemption service. In some cases, the service may not work properly or the customer may have inadvertently made an error while using the service or may have entered an incorrect VAT ID.

    Therefore, as a customer, you acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that VAT has been correctly exempted on the checkout page before paying for your order. No VAT refund will be given and any request for a VAT refund will be denied. 


    5. Delivery policy

    All products are delivered via electronic downloads. As soon as the order is approved, you will be redirected to a page with the download link. You will also receive this link on the e-mail you gave us during the registration or checkout.

    Each product has a download expiry limited up to 3 (three) times.


    6. Refund policy 

    Since Nouvelle Mesure Lab is offering non-tangible/irrevocable goods (digital products) which cannot be returned, we do not issue refunds or exchanges once the order has been placed and once our tracking software has shown that you have downloaded the file(s). 

    No refund or exchange will be given for mistakenly purchasing the wrong format(s)/product(s) or due to dissatisfaction.
    Exceptionally, Nouvelle Mesure Lab may grant an exchange if you purchased the wrong format by mistake - if and only if - our tracking software has shown that you have not downloaded the file(s). Otherwise any exchange request will be refused.
    We also cannot refund or exchange purchases for incompatibility issues. You are responsible for making sure your computer can receive and decompress digital products, you are also responsible for making sure your software is able to open/run the products or the particular format/plugin that you have purchased.
    Nouvelle Mesure Lab cannot be held responsible for any software problem specific to your computer that would prevent you from enjoying the product properly. 

    Also, some of our products depend on third party software such as program/plugin. Sometimes third party software's owners update their applications without our knowledge. Even if we mention the compatible version of a third party software with the mention "xxx version or above" the term "above" means that there is a very high chance that the product will be compatible wtih futur's version but we can't guarantee it at 100% as we are not the developers of these third party software, and also, because we have no control over the internal changes to these software. Consequently, Nouvelle Mesure Lab is not responsible for third party software updates that would prevent you from enjoying the product. As we are not notified of third party software updates, we will certainly take some time to react and adapt to this, either by mentioning the incompatibility of the recent version of the third party software, or by updating our products so that they can work on the new version of the third party software. As Nouvelle Mesure Lab is not responsible for these third party software updates, we warn our customers that no refunds will be granted in case of incompatibility due to a third party software update. Therefore, we advise you to wait for a while before installing the latest version of required third party software, and if necessary, to simply downgrade to the anterior version of the third party software in order to use the product.  

    At least, as stated and explained in Article 4.2, no VAT refunds will be granted, and all requests for VAT refunds will be denied. 

    The non-use of a discount coupon (whether active or expired) does not make the customer eligible for a partial or full refund. No refunds will be provided in the event of a claim related to a product being discounted after purchase.

    As a customer, it is your responsibility to understand all of this when purchasing any item from our site.


    7. Important note regarding the illegal sharing, acquisition, use of our products.

    Any fraudulent use of our products without a valid purchase license Or illegal file sharing will inevitably lead to consequences. We will be uncompromising.

    The strong presence of our team on social media platforms and the distinct visual identity of our 3D products make any fraudulent activity easily detectable.

    As soon as we notice a rendering including our products on the internet, we just have to check our customer database to confirm if the person or company holds a license.

    Upon detecting fraudulent activities, we will initiate legal proceedings and publicly disclose the involved fraudulent profiles:

    If our team detects any license violations, such as unauthorized usage of our products in renderings without a valid purchase or any illegal file sharing, we will take the following actions:

    • Initiate legal procedures in accordance with the law.
    • We will expose the identity of fraudsters. This will be done through an official announcement on our website (listed here), Instagram account, Facebook groups, and other platforms. Should we find it necessary, we will also directly tag other company accounts on Instagram in a story, serving as a cautionary notice regarding their association or professional engagements with the fraudulent profile.
    • We will also notify all our dear customers by email AND our industry partners in the CGI field (who may, if they wish, share the information with their audiences due to our close relationships and shared interests). All of this enables reaching a huge audience.
    • Naturally, we will inform companies, particularly architecture firms, so they are aware that the visualizations they have paid for have been created using resources acquired illegally.
    • Alert any companies/institutions that would be directly or indirectly affected by this fraud.
    • If necessary, we will contact the companies or institutions with whom the fraudster collaborates. The aim is to inform them of the actions of the individual. We will communicate our observations and the evidence gathered.
    • If deemed suitable, we will notify other companies involved in selling 3D software or 3D models. This is to enable them to review the identified fraudster's profile and, if necessary, take their own action in the event of fraud detection.
    • Notifying social media platforms for the removal of all media containing our resources used unlawfully.

    We maintain a secure archive of evidence to support these findings. upon the detection of any fraud.

    No form of leniency will be granted to fraudsters. Any detection of fraud on a single or multiple products will inevitably lead to the consequences mentioned previously.

    Having already purchased one or more products from our store does not serve as a mitigating circumstance in cases where other products of ours are detected being used without purchase.

    When fraud is detected, the act of deflecting responsibility onto another person or a subcontractor is overly convenient and does not constitute a valid, well-founded raison. Such action is indicative of bad faith. Responsibility will unequivocally rest with the individual or entity that has published renderings created in their own name or on behalf of their company, utilizing products for which they do not hold a purchase license. Benefiting from the product's use obligates them to possess a valid purchase license. In cases of illegal file sharing, the product's purchaser, be it an individual or an entity, will be held accountable. Moreover, any attempt to transfer liability onto a third party will not be recognized as a legitimate defense.

    Of course, this doesn't impact our loyal customers who regularly purchase our products and who have not committed any wrongdoings. We're grateful for their continued support.

    Moreover, customers are hereby notified that Nouvelle Mesure Lab operates using an unbreakable digital product marking system. Whenever a product is downloaded, it is embedded with a unique, hidden digital key linked to the purchaser's identity. This process allows us to readily identify the individual accountable for any unauthorized distribution of our products. By examining the key embedded in the shared product, we can trace it back to the original buyer. The responsible customer identified as the source of this sharing will be held legally accountable for all violations and their associated repercussions. Therefore, it is the individual or entity that purchased the license (invoice and/or payment receipt) who will be held fully responsible. In other words, this individual cannot shift the responsibility onto someone else. Attempting to transfer liability to a third party will not be considered a valid defense. Legal measures will be taken accordingly.

    In the event of non-compliance with our terms & conditions, Nouvelle Mesure Lab reserves the right to terminate all licenses of use for the infringer.

    8. Modification of terms 

    Nouvelle Mesure Lab may revise these terms and conditions at any time without notice. By using this website and/ or our product you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these terms of service.