Nouvelle Mesure Lab is a pole of Nouvelle Mesure studio, specialized in the creation of realistic 3D environments & 3D plants.
Combining research and technicity, we examine nature to recreate it faithfully in environment packs that are easy to use and optimized.
We use technologies such as 3D scan to create realistic textures through elements sampled from their natural environment.







Olivier Cheikh Djavadi - Lead Production Designer : 


As the Lead Production Designer, I seek a high degree of realism in the production, while avoiding to charge items uselessly… Because if resemblance is one of our criteria of excellence, the ability of a product to play its role, without opposing the constraints related to the good management of your projects, is also.

By understand that the true vocation of the Lab is to achieve "Environment Packs", you understand the logic of some of our choices and consistency in our pathways.
So allow me to retain for a moment your attention to the real purpose of the "Environment pack", as we have defined. An environment pack is not just a selection of 3d models sold at a fixed price ! Because to see in this way, would be somehow, like placing the cart before the horse.

An environment pack always starts with the realization of a PBR terrain, dedicated and composed for the targeted environment. A terrain, able to restore in volume, 70 to 100% of the objects naturally covering that given environment. For example, a land targeting a forest environment, will integrate
displaced objects such as pine cones, needles, branches, rocks and earth, in its base material (textures).
Then, depending to the target size of our choice for an environment, we provide more or less additional covering objects…terrain materials, needs to be covered by only a slight amount of those objects, just to provide more uneven look to the terrain.

Then we target certain plant species and make them with variations. It's by keeping in mind the characteristics of a given environment that we realize these plants, in the most precise and functional ways possible. In fact our most complex "3d models" elements come  generally to life for specific reasons related to the needs of an  environment pack.

Environment Packs does big contributions to our "3D models" list, but they also need huge amount of development time... reason why we create both single 3D models, along with environment packs, to provide more often the Lab with new items, in a more regular rate.

Now that you have better knowledge about why, and how, the Lab production is organized around environment packs, you should also know, that the soul behind all these is, and will always remain a Labwhere the limits of possible are moving, like for reaching this degree of realism in these leaves, counting 3 triangles per leaf, with more than 75% opacity coverage !






Nasr Tajerrashti - Art Director & Nouvelle Mesure Founder : 


Well, Olivier has very well summarized the Lab's purpose.

I could add that we try to bring complete turnkey solutions.

Indeed, it is often difficult to find environmental elements on different sales sites. Unequal product qualities and staggering prices are issues that 3D artists often encounter.

You can find the right plant, but it needs the appropriate ground that fits to its species, to its climate... you are already searching on the web without having the guarantee to find the perfect match.

With the Lab, we offer a simple and effective solution, you do not have to spend hours finding mesh and references on the web, everything is here ! You are sure to have a coherent & realsitic environment. 




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