CG Artist of the month

CG Artist of the month: Agustín Piña

CG Artist of the month: Agustín Piña

This month, the urugyan cg-artist Agustín Piña made a fantastic rendering for Gruppastudio & Annagram.

The choice of 1-Point-Perspective highlights the facade and allows to frame intelligently the vegetal & mineral work on the ground.

Very committed to the search of realism, Agustín opted for a soft hdri lighting.

He has paid great attention to the details, especially by randomizing the blinds and the openings of windows to break any form of monotony. 

How realistic 3D grass is created?

The graphic treatment of the vegetation is also very well done. Agustín used our GR06 | NM-Lab System™ to achieve the foreground of the image. 

Render by Agustín Piña (instagram | website | behance)

Software: 3dsmax | corona render 


Agustín Piña 3d render


how create realistic 3d grass

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