CG Artist of the month

CG Artist of the month: Kostas Tsilivis

CG Artist of the month: Kostas Tsilivis

The greek CG artist Kostas Tsilivis takes us to Italy. It is neither more nor less than the famous "Autodromo Nazionale di Monza" that hosts this urban and architectural project.
The project is very interesting because of its modularity.
In fact, different modules with specific functions - both recreational and cultural - are scattered around the Monza circuit.

3D Grass worflow

From a CGI point of view, the challenge was to treat these large areas of grass. It is always difficult for a CG artist to fill in empty spaces as it requires a lot of attention and variation to achieve a realistic effect.

Kostas played with GR04 | NM-Lab System™ to cover the floor. He also combined it with gravel to detail the edges of the bike path.

Software: 3dsMax | Corona render | GR04 | NM-Lab System™ | Forest Pack Pro

Kostas Tsilivis
Kostas Tsilivis
Kostas Tsilivis
Kostas Tsilivis
Kostas Tsilivis 3d render

By Kostas Tsivilis 

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