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CG Studio of the month: Play-Time

Play-time barcelona - 3d render

Located in Barcelona, Play-time is a CG studio that builds its philosophy around 4 elements: light, shadows, textures and colors. Elements that are undoubtedly found in the famous Catalan capital. Did Cerdà's rigor and Gaudi's overflowing creativity have an influence on the creative process of "Play-time"? Only they have the answer.

That's probably what we can see in one of their latest visuals for architects Tengbom & Resona Utveckling.
Playing with shades of purple and green. Play-time surprises us with this poetic rendering.

As the project's facade is green, it was probably necessary to avoid a 3d vegetation in the same tones. To contrast, Play-time opted for our GR03 | NM-Lab System™ in the foreground but also between the two residences. This system brings a warm beige color that perfectly matches the rocky topography. | 

play-time architectural rendering purple sky

playtime barcelona 3d render

playtime archviz making-of


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