Parking Grass Pack

Pack's content
  • Assets max file :
    • 2 Full pavement blocks (3x3m)
    • 2 Checker pavement blocks (3x3m)
    • 2 Parking place blocks (2.5x5m) 
    • 2 Parking separator blocks (0.5x5m)
    • 4 variations of unite pavement block (0.5x0.5m) : Full, Half, Checker, Empty
    • 5 Grass clumps (3D scanned)
    • Grass scattered with ForestPackPro
    • Each pavement block are provided in 2 modes : Straigh or Randomized 
  • Scene max file :  
    • all assets (randomized mode)
    • Arranged in parking layout (showed in previews)
    • Grass scattered with ForestPackPro
    • Textures folder : 
      • environment maps
      • assets maps
      • Previews folder
      Usage dimension Medium, Large
      Terrain type Mesh
      Polygons of scene

      156 000 (total) 

      Vertices of scene 87 000 (total)
      Assets texture reso 2K
      Terrain texture reso 2K
      Download archive size 

      (Single Engine) 30.1 Mo (.zip) 

      [STANDARD VERSION] 24.4 Mo (.rar)



      Notes : 

      • Grass is scattered with ForestPackPro, with this powerfull workflow you can easily adjust grass density, add variation...
      • The car is not included (source : viz-people)
      • Straigh mode : each blocks are perfectly aligned
      • Randomized mode : each blocks are slightly inclined & offsetted
        to give a natural and realistic effect (cf. previews)
      • Previews are rendered with Corona 

      Please check carefully your 3ds max version or your rendering engine choice on the last checkout page before paying your order :

      No refund or exchange will be given for wrongly purchased product formats.

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      Type: Environment Pack