What forms of payment do you accept?

You can buy our products with :

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) with Stripe
  • Paypal


    How does sending files work?

    Once your payment is confirmed, wait one minute on the order page during the preparation download process. We also sent you a download link on your email.


    What is included in your "Environment Packs"? 

    Our environment packs include 2 max files :

      • Assets max file 
      • Scene max file : the whole 3d scene showed in previews and distributed with ForestPackPro

    Your products are compatible with which rendering engine?

    Mostly for Corona and Vray, some products are also compatible with Octane Render.


      On some products, particularly on your packs, we have the choice between several versions. What is the difference between [Standard Version] and (Single Engine) version? 

      The [Standard Version], as the name suggest, is the full version of the product with the original price.

      The (Single Engine) version is the same product but fully dedicated to the render engine of your choice

      We offer you the opportunity to access the products based on your workflow and, in this way, obtain a lower price.

      Read more about pricing policy here.


      In [Standard Version] products, you did'nt mention 3dsMax version and rendering engine version. Is it based on (single engine) version?

      Absolutely, the (single engine) versions are extracted from [standard version].


        Do you project any offer for non-3ds Max users?

          • Yes for our 3D Models offer because they are mostly provided with FBX files so you may bring them into other 3d apps (Please check if FBX format is available).
          • No for our Environment Packs, we couldn’t remain the same offer policy because of their tight dependencies to Forest Pack Pro plug-in, exclusively dedicated to 3ds Max users and also, not handled within the FBX exporting process. This is why our Environment Packs are to be remained exclusive to 3ds Max users.


        Why I don’t get exactly the same rendering look, comparing to your previews on “the Lab”?

        When you open the file you can have a different rendering look because :

          • In our previews, we use HDRi (from some company we can not include in our digitals products). As a result, our HDRi lighting is different & adaptated for each previews. When you will open our scene, there is just one default sun, it's up to you to replace it and find the right lighting for each shots!
          • We happen to use fog (volumetrics),  for some rendering and we prefer to give you a clean default scene.
          • As for our Environment Packs, sometimes we have duplicated terrain (instanced) and rotated it to give more depth in our previews.
          • Previews are rendered with Corona and other render engines (Vray/Octane) may have slightly different look.
          • Our product does not contain cameras we used for previews.


        Can you tell me/us which HDRi did you use in your environment pack's preview?

        We have done hundreds of previews, often, several different HDRi are used in the same pack's preview, some are also combined with direct sun lighting.

        We obviously don't memorize all these lighting settings for each shot.

        We sell assets and structured scenes, we don't sell renders. It's up to you to look for some beautiful lighting. Sure you will! 


        With which rendering engine are your product's previews made?

        The previews are almost all rendered with Corona Renderer. 


        Is the download link limited? why?

        Yes, each product has a download expiry limited up to 3 (three) times, so keep your downloaded products and your links safely protected ! This limitation is present to avoid any fraudulent act of file sharing contrary to our terms & conditions


        Where is my donwload link email? I can't find it.

        Once you have purchased a product, you will automatically receive a download link by email within one minute.

        The email subject is "Your downloads are ready".

        Please, before contacting us : 

          • Wait 1 minute so that your donwload links are ready.
          • Check your inbox promotion or social section (some mail algorithm classification are capricious).
          • Check your spam or bulk email folder.
          • Search "Your downloads are ready" in your inbox search bar.


        Where is my invoice? 

        In your order confirmation e-mail, there is a link to your pdf invoice with the mention "Click here to download your PDF invoice"
        E-mail subject : Order #{order number} confirmed  (ex : Order #1234 confirmed)
        Please download and keep your invoice safely after your purchase.
        If you do not receive this email, please check your spam or bulk email folder.


        I'm EU business customer, where can I enter my VAT ID to be exempted? 

          You can enter your VAT ID in two ways : 

            • On your customer account page at the bottom left
            • On your cart page at the bottom left (enter your VAT and update cart)

          Your VAT ID will be mentioned on your invoice under the mention "notes".