Cajuns Grass Pack

Pack's content
  • Assets max file
    • 4 dandelions plants
    • 4 grass clump
    • 3 ground cover plants
    • 150 micro debris
  • 2 Scenes max file (small and big puddles versions) :  
    • All assets
    • 1 displaced muddy terrain
    • scattered with ForestPackPro 
    • Textures folder : 
      • terrain maps
      • assets maps
      • Previews folder
      Usage dimension Small, Medium, Large
      Terrain type Micro Displacement 16bit
      Polygons of scene

      61 900 (total) 

      Vertices of scene 36 700 (total)
      Assets texture reso 2K
      Terrain texture reso 4K
      Download archive size 

      (Single Engine) 135.0 Mo (.zip) 

      [STANDARD VERSION] 137.2 Mo (.rar)



      Notes : 

      • ForestPackPro plugin is required for the scene max file.
      • Previews are rendered with Corona
      • This pack contains 2 full set terrain materials used in two 3ds max scenes, demonstrating small and big puddles. (Previews are from both scenes)
      • Cajuns Grass Pack is a highly flexible pack, powered by multiple terrain materials mixing.
        So feel free to explore material combining and terrain UVW transforming, in order to conform this environment to your need and taste.

      Changelog 2.1 :

      • Cajuns Grass Pack was updated (V2.1 release - 2021-08-06)
        • Improved assets scaling & distribution 
        • Improved materials
        • All clients who have bought "Cajuns" have receive a new donwload-link email to get the V2.1 release (If you did not receive, contact us).

      Showcase : 

      • Watch Cajuns Grass Pack in animation here


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